MIND AS PRISON: Maryland Grindcore: EP

Mar 27, 2012

Though I don’t listen to grindcore nowhere near as much I used to, I do know a good grind band when I hear it. And pardners, these guys are good! The music is near-blur with thick and heavy guitars cranking out a sheet of abrasive distortion that will rip your ears to shreds. The vocals are in the low and high registers, giving the songs an extra layer in the din of hellish noise. What’s most impressive is how heavy they can keep the music despite it being white-knuckled fast. They’re up there with the great grind bands of the ‘90s. If they would have existed around 1995 to 1998 or so, I would imagine Mind As Prison in the same league as something you would have heard on Pessimiser. You better believe!

 –M.Avrg (To Live A Lie, tolivealie.com)

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