May 21, 2003

Milloy: I reviewed their Autodrivel CD a while back and I was an even split on this band. I feel the same way now. It’s recorded well and the songs are catchy and strong. I’m not really qualified to make too much of a judgement since I don’t really buy or listen to this type of punk. Off my previous review, I noted Hot Water Music, Leatherface and Samiam as the style of their music, based on the information that came with the latter disc. So my tip would be if you like the aforementioned bands, give this a try. The Leif Ericsson: This band I can relate to better. First thing I noticed on their opening track, Red with Nine, was the cool new wave sounding keyboards. They mix that with a cool, quenching dose of UK punk that is melodic, poppy and fun. The rest of their tracks lack the keyboards, but I was hooked, lined and sinkered like a trout in a fresh water lake. The songs had a raw edge to them and brought my ears to attention. This is my favorite band of the two.

 –don (Crackle)