MILLOY: More Than a Machine: CD

Aug 22, 2006

Holy moly! Right off the first track, “Evel Knievel,” this U.K. band have found some grit. Previous releases I heard were good but this one really puts them on the map. In such a tired genre as is melodicore that is over-saturated by American bands, it’s nice to hear, every once in awhile, a band come out of the mold. This band was lumped in the shadows of Hot Water Music and Leatherface. This is the point that they need to tour internationally and show the world that they belong. The guitars on this recording are crunching with an almost metal production. The mix, which is a problem for many releases, is perfect here. I really can’t find anything to complain about. They have captured their music with perfection. The songs have a mixture of Avail’s live energy and reminds me of what I liked in a band like Consumed. (I’m not a fan but I have seen live footage.) I can see this band capturing the same passion of an audience as a band like Against Me! With the added power, they have not lost the craft of being melodic. The harmonies keep the songs memorable. I like how far this band has progressed and the maturity shows in this release. This release will be a hard one for the band to top.

 –don (Crackle)