Jan 29, 2009

Tired of anger and speed? I am sometimes. When I need a little melody, Crackle Records always sends me something that gets the melody back into me. Case in point, Milloy. If you are a fan of Snuff, Hot Water Music or Leatherface, you should not have any reason to not like these guys. For me personally, I prefer this to Leatherface and Hot Water Music. They haven’t bitten me in the ass like Snuff has. Back to the band here. They seem more mature in their song writing for a band that hasn’t been around that long. The songs are strong and well crafted with a pinch of sheer energy to keep my attention. It's also well produced to add a presence of emotional tension. Would have liked to have more than six songs, but I will take what I get. Another offering from a great UK band that should take the world by storm.

 –don (Crackle!)

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