Mar 20, 2007

The cover, for whatever reason, led me to believe that I'd be stumbling into some lame ass sludge rock; an old grunge cassingle being eaten by a tape deck, some Atomic 61 test-pressing 45 being played at 33, you get the idea. Slow. Drrroooooning. Bass-heavy. Let me just say, I was surprised when I put it on and smoke started shooting out of my speakers. What we've got here is some burner-hot garage rock a la—I don't know—the Chinese Millionaires or the Screaming Bloody Marys. The fact that there are only two songs on this: lame. The two songs themselves: pretty goddamn ripping. A bit of fresh blood here in a genre that at times seems to be sagging and stumbling its way out of the bar. Thanks, guys.

 –keith (Blue Bus)