Jul 06, 2007

Remember a while back when Tesco Vee used to write public love letters to the New Bomb Turks and offer to trim their nose hairs and buff out their shoehorns and puppy love things like that? It was good to see a true Punk God so enthusiastically laud a band that, at least in the early years, was richly deserving of such lofty attention. Then that manic edge that made Destroy Oh-Boy! such a stellar album, began to soften and things like horns and pianos and harmonicas started popping up in the songs. I remain hopeful, as I’m sure Mr. Vee does, that the Turks will recapture that stripped down rawk vibe and once again deliver the goods. In the mean time, of course, all manner of NBT wannabe bands are hoping to one day have Tesco Vee loofa-ing their backs. Do they stand a chance, you ask? Hard to say. While they’ve got some of the sass of the early Turks, they’ve also got some Scandinavian-style guitar wankery and maybe a few too many sideburns going on—for Tesco, anyway. But I’m not as picky. I’d say it’s catchy and rocks well and is, all in all, a pretty solid effort.

 –aphid (Gearhead)