MILKY WAYS, THE: I Don’t Need You Girl b/w (Can’t Seem To Find) My Way Back Home: 7”

The a-side is about fifty percent Pebbles, thirty percent Insomniacs, and twenty percent Fevers from a songwriting perspective, but about fifty percent Flamin’ Groovies circa “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” thirty percent Pebbles, and twenty percent Les Sexareenos from a recording/execution standpoint. The b-side is similar, but not identical; however, the software program i use to calculate all these amazing percentages is real buggy and it crashed once i input the data that Roy Oden is now in a band with Oily Chi, so i won’t have the exact figures for a while. BEST SONG: “I Don’t Need You Girl” BEST SONG TITLE: “I Don’t Need You Girl” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This vinyl has no label! None! It’s bare-ass nekkid! Awk!

 –norb (Goodbye Boozy)