MILKFIST #1: $15, 7 ½” x 10”, bound, offset, glossy print, 155 pgs.

Apr 19, 2016

This compendium walks the tightrope between zine and legitimate book. There’s an ISSN, but a strong zine—or literary magazine—tone. Issue one comes out swinging. Included in this high quality glossy zine  are eighteen short fictional stories, sixteen poems, and twenty-eight illustrations. The content in this hefty tome span the gamut of creativity. One particularly noteworthy effort is a fictional piece from Chuck Regan, which is like a much more creative Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” kind of thing that details an overt mission with agents who don’t totally understand each other’s positions. Then there’s the Australian piece “Marrickville 2204,” which is a chaotic hodge-podge of artists, drugs, music, and experience. I was really drawn to that one—it was like being on a punk adventure in Sydney. Hands down, my favorite thing in the whole zine was a review of a book called Miss Homicide Plays the Flute. In the way that sometimes (most times) the book is better than the movie, I would be one hundred percent blown away if the book was as deftly written as this review. In no way do I mean to discount the original writer (clearly, I haven’t read that book yet), but the level of literary mastery of this review blew my mind. It’s so incredibly scholastic, intelligent, and emotional—all while actually critiquing. Beyond all that, there are a ton of inspirational and intriguing graphics sprinkled throughout. The price point may be a turn off to some, but you are certainly getting your fifteen dollars’ worth. I’m looking forward to issue two of this professional, punk-leaning publication. It fucking rules. –Kayla Greet (