MILEMARKER: Anesthetic: CD

Aug 13, 2009

This CD made me reflect on the 8-track. It had its good and bad points, but I liked the 8-track for one big reason. It helped kill prog rock. Think about it. A track only had x-minutes per, then it had to click over to the next track, no matter where the song was. It was great for punk. All the songs fit. “Anarchy in the UK” was released on the format. The coolest thing is that bands like ELO and Hawkwind took it on the chin. You couldn’t put a 30-minute wankfest on the format. It’d chonk over mid wank, destroying the groove, man. For that, I applaud the now deleted format. My point? Milemarker are good, but would benefit by making their songs a lot a bit shorter (three songs of the seven songs clock in over seven minutes, one at 8:27. For the love of all that’s holy, my medication only lasts five minutes). The good: pretend Enya was in a new wave band, backed by the soundtrack to the movie Tron and Jawbox. It’s pretty fruity, but it’s still swelling, enjoyable, and I bet you could get nailed with this on the hi-fi. The irritating: the lyrics are folded inside the back jewel case (I swear I wasn’t dismantling it for the case). The funny: the line, “these plastic molded seats had to be cast from someone’s perfect ass.” Mixed bag. If it was half the time, I’d probably enjoy it ten times more.

 –todd (Jade Tree)

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