MILE ME DEAF: Holography: CD/LP

Mile Me Deaf is the “solo” project of Wolfgang Mostl, an Austrian musician, who fronted Killed By 9V Batteries and plays in Sex Jams. However, Holography, his tenth album under this moniker,consists of a full backing band, including songs with horns, mandolin, and slide guitar. The sound may be generally considered indie rock, but it is creative and wide-ranging. On some songs I could hear Q And Not U and other times I heard Starmarket. Some of it can be lo-fi (“Domestics”) but the majority of it is pretty polished. The diversity is what keeps me engaged, though, because no matter what style the band is playing, they do it well. I like bands that can play a range of sounds and make it seamless. Twelve songs in forty-four minutes is the perfect length. It’s a satisfying listen because the band has put together a cohesive album despite the twelve songs sounding individually different. I am definitely keeping this in rotation for a while.

 –kurt (Siluh)