MIKE KROL: Trust Fund: 10”

Sep 18, 2013

This certainly isn’t your parents’ power pop, but it surely could be your siblings’. Channeling Wavves, The Thermals, and The Oh Sees, Mike Krol’s new record, Trust Fund, allows blistering, fuzzy guitars and bass soaked in disdain (and distortion) to provide cover for what, at their heart, are a set of raw and unguarded songs. If Mike has a leather jacket, I guarantee you there is a cassette of the Promise Ring in the inner pocket. From the well executed and attractive but purposely obtuse cover (the lyrics are entirely in English, where much of the sleeve is written in Japanese) to the rough and tumble sound coating every corner of this work, the first things we notice about this piece of art seem to be a bait and switch to either hide the gooey center or to help wrench it out. If you are planning to throw on your cardigan and punch a hole in the ceiling in distress over your current state of affairs, this could be a great soundtrack. I wouldn’t blame you either.

 –Noah W.K. (Counter Counter Culture)