MIGRA VIOLENTA: Holocausto Capitalista: LP

Sep 08, 2006

Hailing out of Argentina, this band plays a symphonic soundtrack of pure venomous rage. The anger, speed and sound remind me of Los Crudos. The Spanish lyrics over a barrage of super fast thrash are the markers that makes me think that. From reading the translations, the lyrics are blunt and compassionate of the things that piss this band off. I believe environment plays a big roll in this. I’m not sure how the balance of wealth versus poverty is tipping the scale in Argentina. I would believe that poverty is the overall winner. Here in the states, we have a lot of privilege and wealth. In other countries where there is not an overabundance of material items and luxuries, I would believe that it fuels the rage in the creation of music. So I picture these punks who are shunned because, from what I remember, the country has a strong religious base, they are martyrs. On top of being poor, because of the lifestyle they chose, they saw with clear eyes the injustices of life when you do not conform. So the music is pissed, fast to express the anger, and feels real because it is coming from the heart. I hear a possibility that they might tour North America. I would love to witness the music firsthand.

 –don (Profane Existence)