MIGHTY HIGH: Legalize Tre Bags!: CD

Usually very leery about punk-oriented bands that rely heavily on humor (and to those knowledgeable of my own musical endeavors, yeah, I’m well aware of the irony), especially when said humor is almost completely focused on getting stoned, but this is one of them bands that somehow actually manages to pull it off. Counteracting all the attention to bein’ loaded on the eleven tracks here are some surprisingly strong tracks mixing punk and stoner rock, and are up to their reddened eyeballs with sly musical and lyrical references to Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, DOA, Slayer, and many others. Ain’t gonna be everyone’s cup o’ tea, but given the landfill-sized, pile o’ releases treading the same water, these guys have enough wit and chops to make it work

 –jimmy (Ripple Music)