MIGHTY HIGH: …In Drug City: CD

Nov 04, 2008

This reminds me of the one Didjits album I have, Hornet Piñata, but every song manages to go on about a minute too long. It’s mostly mid-tempo “rawk and rolly stuff with a singer that sounds like he’s in a bar band. Oh, and all but one of the twelve songs on this is about getting high. The odd song out is called “Shooting Spree,” and I believe it’s about a shooting spree. Other “hit” titles include “Stone Gett-off,” “I Live to Get High,” and “Hooked on Drugs.” The joke gets very old somewhere around the start of the second song. I like drugged-out punk when it’s pulled off right, i.e. the Dwarve’s Blood, Guts, and Pussy, but where that band sounds like genuine meth-addled sex fiends who got a hold of instruments, Mighty High basically sounds like a classic rock cover band who decided to take their cues on what was cool from a couple of fourteen-year-old stoners with leather jackets and a Steve Miller fixation. I do like the R. Crumb-inspired cover art though. 

 –Adrian (Mint Deluxe Tapes, [email protected])