Jul 14, 2011

First things first: this is a new band featuring Tony Fate of the BellRays. Second thing: this record has been in constant rotation on my stereo since it showed up. Chock full of killer melodic songs that are equal parts Real Kids and Reigning Sound. One of the vocalists really brings to mind John Felice and several songs here sound like they could have been on the solo record from the Real Kids leader. This could not be higher praise coming from me. The Mighty Grasshoppers are perhaps the rarest of all beasts in current times. The band is simply four guys in their 40s/50s writing great songs with no image to speak of. There is not even a website address on the disc, just a PO Box. It is incredibly refreshing to get an album where the songs are more important than the package and the seventeen places you can buy merch or network with the band and their fans. There are more great, classic-sounding songs here than most bands could come up with in two decades. The songs on this album are timeless and immediate; hummable after only one listen but offering more depth with each spin. The standout track here is “Caravan” with its soulful vocal but every single song on the album is a hit. Highest possible recommendation on this amazing out of left field record.

 –frame (Vital Gesture)