MIGHTY GORDINIS, THE: For Bosomaniacs Only: LP

Jul 17, 2009

...i dunno, if the Platonic rock & roll ideal made flesh in the form of an automobile is, say, a 1965 Ford™ Mustang, this is more of a '73 Maverick or something (but dude! Three on the tree, dude! Can't fit a half-full beer can on the dashboard or anything, but it's got that three on the tree, man!). When they try to do the '50s thing, they sound a bit like the Meteors; when they do the '60s surf/hot rod thing, they sound pretty uninspiring (except for the song with the horns on it, that was pretty cool, even though it got me to thinkin' that it would be neat if a band covered "The Horse," which is kind of a scary thought); and, as one might assume when a Belgian surf/hot rod/'50s/punk band presumably attempts to evoke the spirit of vintage '68 John Sinclair ("American Revolution"), they just sound...uh..."interesting." Towards the end, the transatlantic deviance finally kicks in to momentous effect on "Shake My Iguana," a song that sounds so great the first time you hear it that you're scared to check the track listing lest you find out that's not really what they're saying, but by then the album's pretty much run its course. As an ass man, i can only conclude that this album was mis-routed to me by the editor. BEST SONG: "Shake My Iguana" BEST SONG TITLE: "Shake My Iguana" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Packaging depicts four nipples, three of which are female.

 –norb (Demolition Derby)