MIGHTY FEVERS, THEE / MORBEATS: Weird Affairs and Teengeneration Accidents: Split: 7”

Holy fuck. Thee Mighty Fevers just kicked the ever-lovin’ Teengenerate out of me. In point of fact, I think they just kicked the ever-lovin’ Teengenerate out of the entire neighborhood. I’m not sure why there aren’t more cops outside. Holy fuck. On the flip, the Morbeats kicked me square in the fucking Registrators ((which is an odd place to kick me, since they’re the ones who are doing the Teengenerate cover)). This isn’t the first record I’ve ever gotten that came equipped with a complimentary pair of earplugs, but it might be the first one where I was panicked enough to actually consider using them. In the immortal words of Andrew Dice Clay, “what was in those bombs, fuckin’ fertilizer?” Fuck Kobe Bryant—Kobe, Japan is where it’s at!!! BEST SONG: Thee Mighty Fevers, “Emotion Fire.” BEST SONG TITLE: Teengenerate, “Sex Cow.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I got #89 out of one hundred pressed and that was Dave Robinson’s jersey number. 

 –norb (One Chord Wonder)