MIDWEST BEAT: “Apology” b/w “Appaloosa”: 7”

Jul 26, 2013

Catchy, bright, sunny pop. Reminds me of early Beatles, but what does that really say? Really, all rock’n’roll minus a few major exceptions shows some Beatles influence, if even unconscious. What I guess I’m saying is we’re all fucked because The Beatles did it first. Thanks a lot, The Beatles. Midwest Beat might not be a musical revolution, but they have written a pretty good tune. The average Razorcake reader will probably be turned off by its up-beat country riffage, but its shine shows through the right amount of dirt making the gem all the prettier. Good single. I don’t know if I could stomach an album of it, though. It is a little sweet.

 –Bryan Static (Certified PR, certifiedpr.com)