MIDNIGHT EVILS, THE: Straight ‘Til Morning: CD

Jul 09, 2009

“Play some Skynard!!!” exclaims someone in the yankage plus intro to “Bad Machine.” They’ve got some heavy bass lines and the kind of drums that make you sweat while tapping along so furiously on your hips that you wake up with a giant bruise to pronounce your dorkiness. Fuck yeah is not even close to the expression of the pure enjoyment one will indulge in buying this record. It’s equal parts punk, blues, rock’rowwwllll. Midnight Evils draw heavily from the likes of Kiss, Radio Birdman, Nine Pound Hammer and Skynard. It’s like they all got in a big fight and lost and were forced to play together with magnificent results. Fans of true rock’n’roll, your time has come – get Midnight Evils before they’re gone. Rock out with your cock out. I hate that phrase but it somehow fits.

 –nam (Estrus)