MIDNIGHT EVILS: Breakin’ It Down: CD

Aug 25, 2006

The Midnight Evils are an about-to-derail, greasy freight train of rock’n’roll fueled by fried chicken, sex with dirty fingernails, three-string bass, and sincerity. They’re heavy, stomping, tilt their collective head to AC/DC, and, without posturing, make you believe that the fat, the ugly, the warty, and the unpopular will always have a leg up on making the most direct, no-bullshit rock around. Fans of Motörhead, The Dirtys, the B-Movie Rats, and Poison Idea would be hard pressed to be disappointed. Pass up that false-pouty silver spoon, treadmill, “too much about nothing” garage fluff that’s getting TV play and dig into some musical meat that’ll stick to your ribs.

 –todd (Estrus)

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