MIDNIGHT CREEPS: Singles/Splits/Demos/Live: CD + DVD

Dec 13, 2007

Contains, as the title suggests, various 7”s, demos, live stuff and their split with Capo Regime. They’re essentially a bar punk band—and are generally pretty good at it. But they’re also given to playing long dirge-rock tunes that sound as if they’re trying to exhume the ghosts off of some dusty Raw Power 8-track (see the slooow, guitar solo-riffic “Coffin of the Boston T,” etc.) that doesn’t really work. Generally, I could get behind a band like this (like I said, it’s pretty catchy) despite the fact that their songs have names like “Toilet Bowl Suicide” and “What the Twat Wants.” What ruins this band for me is the fact that the vocalist has an unfortunate tendency to sing in this deep, operatic voice that just comes across as A) really corny and B) like she wishes she was in another kind of band altogether. When she just screeches, the stuff’s generally pretty decent. The accompanying DVD features selections from some live shows in which said vocalist A) blows huge tendrils of snot out of her nose, B) disrobes down to bra and panties, C) sits on some fifteen-year-old kid’s face and orders him to guzzle the beer she’s positioned against her crotch. Also features a short film made by and starring the band called Menstrual Institution. It doesn’t really make any sense at all, but the terrible acting actually makes the movie more disturbing. The best part is when the guitarist dry-humps his teddy bear. This was one weird fucking band.

 –keith (Rodent Popsicle)

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