MIDIRON BLAST SHAFT: Starts Fires in Your Pants: CD

Nov 23, 2009

Imagine if Minor Threat met Tool in a music-mangling head-on collision of cacophonous deconstruction... this is the ear-shredding equivalent of such a sonically catastrophic event! It's a larger-than-life maelstrom of ever shifting sound that's heavy, threatening, and ferociously full of passionate rage. Upon my first listen to MBS, I fearfully cowered in a cobweb-ridden corner of my room, sucked my thumb like a lil' baby girl, and then thoroughly soaked my pants with a waterfall's rush of weewee. It's that much of an aggressively harrowing experience, folks! No matter; I still fervently recommend this dynamically intense CD just for its sheer versatile velocity and its indefatigable ability to robustly stir the senses...

 –guest (Reptilian)