MICROTIA: Distance Is Oval: CD

Jul 25, 2008

Evidently the band really wants people to know that their sound is what would happen if hardcore kids started smoking pot and listening to Led Zeppelin. Actually, I think there’s a number of them who already do that and don’t sound anything like this. Sometimes I hear a bit of the Deftones and there’s more of a melodic sound than a hard sound, that’s for sure. The primary fault of Microtia is the vocalist’s singing just doesn’t seem to match up well with the music. It seems a bit weak. I’d be interested in hearing the band hit the music part a bit harder and really bring out some power in the mix with a different singer. If they keep the vocalist, they should tone it down and have it be part of a style in which his vocals make for a better fit.

 –kurt (Exigent, www.myspace.com/exigentrecords)