MICRO-FILM #3: $3.50 ppd., 8 ½ X 11, offset glossy, 38 pgs.

Jan 22, 2011

Reading Micro-Film is pleasant torture for me. It's full of interesting articles about independent films that I know I'll never get to see, but I love to read about them and think how cool it would be if the movie theater down the street showed them instead of fucking Hannibal. But even knowing that I can't get my hands on most of the movies covered in Micro-Film, I appreciate knowing that independent filmmaking is still alive, vital, and only a couple of years of technological advancements and price reductions away from being accessible. I always dig Jason Pankoke's editorials, too. He has a way of starting with what appears to be a simple story about being a movie fan, then transcending into a subtly philosophical diatribe that relates to my life and things I've been thinking about. And as for the films I'll never see, this issue covers two indie punk rock flicks, Godass and Threat; the latest Troma film (Troma is the team that made Toxic Avenger); a new movie funded by Kevin Smith and written and directed by one of his filmmaking buddies, Vincent Pereira; and a bunch more really cool looking movies. -Sean Carswell (Opteryx Press, PO Box 45, Champaign, IL 61824)

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