MICKEY: She’s So Crazy: 7”

May 20, 2010

From the grimy north side streets of Chicago comes Mickey, a ramshackle five-piece rock’n’roll band who deliver a swaggering blast of glittery gutter glam and an earnest “this is who I am, warts and all” ballad. “She’s So Crazy” is damn near perfect: a maddeningly catchy guitar hook, bouncy bass line, superb drumming, and vocals, a la Mac Blackout, that sound far crazier than the accused “She” in the title. The desperate obsession of the chorus seems to indicate that maybe, just maybe, the singer is projecting his insanity onto his object of desire: “and when she walks in the room/I go into a trance/if she would just give my love/just give my love one chance/but I ain’t stalkin’ and I ain’t stuck on you.” What does stick is this tune. In your head. For weeks. The B side, “I Am Your Trash, I Am Your Man,” sways along sweetly while the lyrics detail the heel-like behavior of the singer. He talks about drinking, getting into it with his girl, being rotten and not understanding why she loves him, finally exploding with the defiant proclamation “I am your trash/I am your man.” A touchingly menacing masterpiece.

 –benke (Horizontal Action)