May 14, 2001

Extremely LOUD Japanese trash rock. The press materials allude to Billy Childish as an influence, but I don't hear it as much I do the Cramps and others I can't quite think of right now. Hell, I gotta lay off of them there allergy pills, 'cause they seem to be messin' up my short term.... Whatever. Either way, this is some screamin' mad shit here, all sludgy, dirty and fuckin' loud, man. I think they're singin' in English, but it's damn hard to tell. I'm recommending this disc for two reasons: 1) The songs are mighty nice, and 2) Playin' it at excessive volume levels is sure to kill all rats, insects and small dogs in a square mile radius around the speakers. Oh, wait.... Silly me, I accidentally had the stereo runnin' through my guitar amp. Well, I still like it, even if it ain't as loud as I thought it was.

 –jimmy (Alive/Total Energy, PO Box 7712, Burbank, CA 91510)