Sep 10, 2009

During the past couple of years, it seems as if I’ve read countless flattery-packed articles zealously praising the roarin’ rock’n’roll splendor of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. I unfortunately hadn’t been exposed to their manic eruptions of musical madness until bodacious lil’ Betsy Palmer (promo princess extraordinaire at the aurally eclectic Bomp HQ) sent this ear-scorcher of a disc to me several days ago (thanks so very much, Betsy dear!). Hot diggedy dog damn, now I know why TMGE have rightfully warranted all of the frenzied fuss! They noisily, raucously, and enthusiastically create a garagey post-punk cacophony of high-spirited rock’n’roll fierceness... it’s hyperactively swarming with a charismatic over-abundance of energetically uplifting originality and inimitable uniqueness! Oh man, I can only describe this eardrum-batterin’ quartet as a four-headed nuclear-spawned reptilian monster sonically rampagin’ through the smolderin’ remains of The Who (circa 1965-67), The Stooges, Husker Du, Agent Orange, a harder-edged PIL in certain places, Mission Of Burma, The Makers, and even a bit of Dicks and Big Boys (with a spicey stirring of Chuck Berry riffage tossed throughout). After only one listen to this gut-pummelling platter of joy, it blew the fuckin’ enamel off my teeth in 30 seconds flat!

 –guest (Alive)