M.F.D.: Full Volume: LP

Feb 15, 2007

Really cool story behind this one. John from Acme Records/Out Cold got in touch with the band about reissuing this record only to find out that they still had many copies left from the original pressing. So, Acme picked up the remaining sealed records from the original pressing and they are selling them to turn people on to an overlooked gem. Awesome simple songs that are the perfect sound of punk meeting hardcore. A lotta these songs have a very definite Zero Boys quality to them, which is the highest praise I can give. Some cool Freeze/Descendents style melodic punk leanings here as well. Produced by Tom Lyle from Government Issue, who also plays guitar. Some guitar from Keith Campbell from Black Market Baby as well. Their first record, Music for the Deaf is a great punk record too. This band were about a million times better than most of the ‘87-‘88 punk bands. A great, overlooked piece of the D.C. Hardcore puzzle. Check it out!

 –frame (Acme/DSI)