Meztli Hernandez Photo Column – Vexx

Oct 17, 2015
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Vexx was the best band to play Berserktown II this year. The Olympia, WA band transported me back through a 1990’s space and time continuum where the riot grrrl scene was fresh, bloody, and baby doll dresses were in vogue. Lead singer Mary Jane Dunphe has a raw, punk-as-fuck energy that stood alone. This was my first time seeing Vexx live. I was completely mesmerized—as was the rest of the crowd—as she flung her body across the stage and howled into the mic, all the while bumping and grinding in a trance-like state. She gave a theatrical performance that was equal parts Lydia Lunch and Donita Sparks. I only wished I had my high school self alongside me to experience the fierceness that is Vexx.