Meztli Hernandez Photo Column – Juanita Y Los Feos

Dec 26, 2015


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I once saw someone post on a popular social media outlet that “Spanish punx are always looking like models,” or something to that effect. Not to be a fucking romantic or idealize this sort of aesthetic that comes from being able to buy mod leather jackets for cheap; I think that Juanita Y Los Feos from Madrid, Spain pay tribute to ‘80s new wave/cold wave French bands that coincidentally were also pretty fucking gorgeous.

However—before I embarrass myself (too late?) with all this talk about aesthetics—JYLF deservedly brought all the punx to the dance floor at Berserktown. What made this particular day pretty special for me was the fact that lead singer Juanita was wearing a Sudor shirt. Sudor is also another DIY punk band from Madrid that I was able to see at 1-2-3-4 Go! in Oakland, Calif. when I was going to school in the Bay Area. It felt like I was coming full circle since I was wearing a Sudor pin attached to my jacket and sweating almost to death while dancing to JYLF’s tomb punk.




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