MEXICAN BLACKBIRDS/PINK SWORDS: Black Vinyl Revenge, Chapter 1: Split LP

Mar 20, 2007

The title line here sounds like some sketchy urban legend from a fictional city across the border made into a ‘50s so-bad-you-love-it exploitation flick. This record is also that cool. It combines previous CD releases: The Birds’ Just to Spite You (2003, Dirtnap) with The Swords’ One Night High (2003, Mortville). The music fetish factor gets even higher: both have amazing girl drummers from other great bands (Jill from Valentine Killers, Suzy Motard), half-black and half-pink vinyl, and one new live track from each band. Catchy, hard-driving rock. Entire albums on each side, except the Birds’ “Burn It Down/Over the Edge” track from the CD is not here. Alas, still an awesome record.

 –mike (Rockin’ Bones)