Jul 28, 2009

I spent an unduly large amount of time mentally censuring this band for sounding at least moderately Pagans-y, yet not being clueful enough to realize that the song title "Ain't Got the Time" was already taken by those selfsame Pagans; eventual double-checking showed that the Pagans song of similar nomenclature is actually called "HAVEN'T Got The time" and i regret the error (i also regret the fact that the other three songs on this record aren't covers of "Haven't Got the Time," "Got the Time" by Joe Jackson, and "When I Get the Time" by the Descendents, simply because that would be kinda funny) (we'll let the Chambers Brothers go unmentioned for now). Four songs from a five-piece, sounding like a cross between something the Chargers mighta done once (besides trading away the rights to Michael Vick) and some of the heavier, less-cartoony Rip Off bands of yore (i'm tempted to say the Stipjes, but i actually no longer remember what that band sounded like), with the occasional background blurt by the female drummer adding sort of a superficial Loli & The Chones garnish to things. Good but not superlative, as evinced by the fact that i can't think of a decent joke to end with that doesn't involve invoking mental imagery of a Hispanic singing "Blackbird" by the Beatles. BEST SONG TITLE: "Blackout (With You)" BEST SONG: "Blackout (With You)" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Record label carries the message "PLAY LOUD." Hey, thanks for the tip, Slick.

 –norb (Mexican Blackbirds)