The sixth album by Philly’s mewithoutYou ranges from quiet, introspective moments to bursts of intense energy. It’s a contrast from their folksy, Neutral Milk Hotel-sounding It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All a Dream! It’s Alright. Instead, it’s more reminiscent of their popular 2004 release, Catch for Us the Foxes. The difference is the contrast of Aaron Weiss’s vocals that range from warbly spoken word, to gentle singing, to forceful screams. The music also mirrors the variety of Weiss’s singing. The beginning of “Blue Hen” is reminiscent of a Fugazi song, while “Mexican War Streets” has a hypnotic swaying in the sound. The songs are catchy and emotionally charged, which is the perfect mix of what music should be. Is this the best mewithoutYou album? Pretty damn close. One thing is for sure: it’s certainly their most mature. 

 –kurt (Run For Cover,