METHADONES, THE: Gary Glitter: 7"

Nov 22, 2009

Being a big Briefs fan, the first thing this 7” reminded me of was their song, “Gary Glitter’s Eyes,” (although their song was a play off of The Adverts’ “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes.”) Gary Glitter being the famous glam rock musician who is known for the popular sporting event song “Rock’n’roll.” He was convicted for having child porn on his computer and then again for committing obscene acts with minors. The Methadones tackle the pedophile songwriting affair by giving a nod to Glitter-esque rock riffs while their lyrics expound on the precarious situation of Mr. Glitter. The second song on the vinyl, “Over the Moon,” returns to classic Methadones power pop punk song writing as they deliver catchy riffs infused with melodic vocals. The songs here are fun but the cover art is still probably the best part of this record. It has Glitter in sparkly, red-sequined attire, posing with his face brimming with a cheeky rock’n’roll gaze.

 –N.L. Dewart (It's Alive)

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