METHADONES, THE: 21st Century Power Pop Riot: CD

Jul 13, 2006

This CD is chockfull of covers of obscure and one-hit wonder songs from the ‘70s and ‘80s power pop phenomenon. It’s simply delish. My favorite track to have on repeat in the car has to be “Back of My Hand,” a Jags cover. So friggin great. The songs feature cameo appearances from members of Dillinger Four and the Copyrights, among others, and an amazing guest lead vocal performance on “Goodbye To You” by Annie of The Soviettes. This album has me amped. I can’t wait for the Methadones to hunker down and get back to writing original tunes. Will someone offer these guys a multi-billion dollar deal already? We MUST ensure the actualization of a large discography...and making it so Schafer and the boys can focus on and get paid to write music is the only way possible! Fuck those American Idol finalists. The winner is the Methadones...who’s got the contracts? Step up motherfuckers!

 –mrz (Red Scare)

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