METH TEETH: Meth Teeth: 7”

May 26, 2008

Sweet rotisseried baby! This is a dark and deeply disturbing record. It opens with “Bus Rides,” a frenetic onslaught reminiscent of The Tyrades. “Unemployment Forever” is more subdued but poleaxes you with its darkness. The song is punctuated by an open bass note that resonates out of the void and stabs you in the brain. It’s a hellish sound, like a cow on the slaughterhouse floor. It makes you remember why warriors blew into conch shells or beat on goat skin drums before an attack: it makes the enemy shit their pants and wish they were dead. The second side is a bit mellower, a cross between Morphine without the jazz syncopation and Bryan Ferry all looped out on Oxycontin. Get this record if you dare, but do yourself a favor and search for them through their label or pictures of seriously fucked up teeth are going to pop up in your search engine. Unnerving. 

 –Jim Ruland (Sweet Rot)

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