Jan 12, 2010

I don’t really care for this band name, but found that, strangely, I like it a lot better when it’s written: “MethMtn.” Go figure. There is a black drawing of a wolf on the (white) cover of the CD. I actually love wolves but this drawing seems a little typical. I thought they were going to be a metal band. Some of the songs maybe start a bit metal, but then the rhythm and the way the guy sings, I feel, is more punk. Man, that singer is gravelly! Makes my throat hurt just listening, but I like it. They seem like they might be young. Sometimes they sound like kids just fucking around, but then they pull something out that’s a bit more mature. Kind of mid tempo, not too fast. One of the rhythms reminded me of the Sex Pistols. The singer’s voice sometimes reminded me of Born Against a little (although the music doesn’t sound like them). The third song I liked the most. They sound a little disgruntled, like they might be ready to kick your ass, but in a gritty, alley kind of way, not in a hardcore jock kinda way. On Self Aware records (which also puts out a zine, apparently); the name of which sounds to me like it might be a straight edge gig or something. Nothing that would seem to really blow me away and, yet, I have listened to it numerous times already. An unexpected surprise.