METH MOUNTAIN: Discography: Cassette

Nov 16, 2010

Another of those instances where I find out about an awesome band once they’ve split up. I wish they would have stuck around a bit longer. I could have then obsessed over them, bought up their vinyl, and hoped they’d one day come play L.A. But nope. They called it quits this past February (2010). Fuckin’ nuts... What needs to happen is they need to rethink this decision, get out of town, tour, and rule the world, or at least the world of the hardcore scene. Their sound is hardcore that’s fast without being ridiculously fast, raw, and distorted, and they throw in some curves with forays into noise as well as the sludge number, “Devil’s Lettuce.” If you like bands like Total Abuse and Fresh Meat—and who doesn’t, really?—then I recommend this. All this stuff was recorded in a year. It shows a band who was progressing their sound and could have gone on to make some greater records. Glad I grabbed this one!

 –M.Avrg (Self Aware,