METAMORPHOSIS: Self-titled: 7”

May 21, 2014

Metamorphosis are a group of hardcore punks now out in Oakland by way of Peru. The Metamorphosis EP, released last December, features four tracks from these dudes, all but one sung in Spanish, and only the B-side features songs recently written. The A-side evokes Negative Approach and stripped-back hardcore, while verging a bit on the jogging positivity of 7 Seconds, as the group’s tone leans toward excitement over anger. On “Hombre Nuevo,” I can hear a gnarlier version of 88 Fingers Louie, like a hardcore band pushing for vocal melodies at the forefront; and in “Zombie People,” I catch the distorted shimmers of Canadian rockers, Grade. Meanwhile, the EP art features a couple sitting on a couch with their exploded heads oozing together like the blob monster in The Thing. Right now, that’s pretty much how I see these guys—kinda awesome, kinda gelatinous and jumpy, and still soaking in. You can catch them on their West Coast tour later this year. Metamorphosis is overall enjoyable, and worth hearing, if not only to hear and support some Peruvian hardcore. 

 –Jim Joyce (Skull Brigade)