Metalmania 2003: DVD

Aug 06, 2007

Metalmania is this huge metal fest in Poland that all kind of Euro-heshers attend. This concert is filmed in a multi-camera format for posterity. Bands get the multi-angle treatment but by the third band in the set the dollies and pans get repetitious. But then again repetition isn’t a concern for fans of face paint metal (Marduk), aging hard rockers (Saxon) and washed-up Brit punks (The Exploited). Most bands get the back stage interview footage with a hilarious segment on Wattie of The Exploited wondering what the fuck his band is doing in the line-up. “Me manager’s gonna get a call ‘boot this one,” says the tweaking singer who has traded in his liberty spiked mohawk for Axl dreads and nipple rings. Comes with a bonus audio CD featuring more metal bands you’ve probably never heard of that played the side stage. –Greg Barbera (www.musicvideodistributors)