MESSRS: Demo: Cassette

Jun 14, 2014

The copy of the tape that I got would not play on three different tape players. I even resorted to a bit of tape surgery to get it playing to no avail. I went to their Bandcamp and got most of the songs that were on the demo and am really glad I did. If you were ever a Circus Lupus fan or a Chris Thompson fan in general, this is for you. Messrs are a bit heavier and dirtier than the previously mentioned projects but the sound is there, intentional or not. I’m going to throw in a Mayyors reference for good measure. The vocals have effects. There are bits of spacey, drawn-out parts, and the sound quality is a bit blown out, making for an ugly but tough sound. The cover art is a bit goofy with some melty happy faces. Aside from song titles, there is absolutely no more information on the packaging. Would have appreciated the info so I didn’t have to go on a hunt to actually listen to it. 

 –Adam Mullett (Self-released)