MESSENGERS, THE: Self-titled: CD

Mar 20, 2007

Granted, it's solid and tuneful punk rock stuff, it's totally catchy, and the singer sounds like a dead ringer for Cinder from Tilt. Granted, the layout and production are really nice and they're probably a terrific live band. Granted, they seem sincere, and my foot's tapping. But this one just falls a bit short somehow, I can't help feeling a little ripped off—for one thing, while it is solid and tuneful, it's also comprised of songs that I feel like I've heard before. Half the time it seems like I'm listening to a cover from another band, like it was a song written from an entire other era of punk rock. You could call that a spirited homage or you could call it shameless regurgitation, I don't know. Then the rest of the time I'm just wishing they would speed it up a bit. Anyway, they've got the mohawks and the tats down, but they left the snot on the bus. The Messengers are really good at what they're doing, it's just that what they're doing rings a lot closer to early Discount, minus the lyrical quirks, or Tilt without the speed, than they do to Antiproduct or To What End. And, you know, I've already got all the Discount and Tilt records I need.

 –keith (Punk Core)