MESS FOLK: Something I Remember: 7”

May 20, 2010

Great single. I can always depend on HoZac to deliver great, trippy punk rock with their roster of The Functional Blackouts, Wizzard Sleeve, Woven Bones, Blank Dogs, et al. And, sure enough, Mess Folk fit right in, as they tightrope walk the fine line of weird punk, combining meandering drone-y vibes with really tight corners and sharp edges. They have a messy feel, like each member is working out their own take of the song with singing washing over it all, and it really works. Phillip Tarr is the mastermind of the band, starting it as a solo project that has morphed into this group. Mess Folk hails from Sydney, Nova Scotia, appropriately known for toxic waste dumping. Canada breeds some great punk, but Nova Scotia grows a special strain of noise.

 –mike (HoZac)