MERX: Self-titled: LP

Nov 20, 2012

Is it possible to understand and not understand at the same time? Merx is like a canvas that stars off black instead of white. They play highly constructed, aurally articulated, meticulous post punk. It’s dark, experimental, and filled with electronics. The vocalist is melodramatic, singing in a deep register, like Johnnie Jungleguts. My closest contemporary comparison would be as how Wounded Lion takes the Talking Heads and Star Wars references, Merx robes themselves in slow Joy Division and décollages; strips away, lacerates. This isn’t incidental music. I’m just not sure if the hands-on-everything super-self- and music- aware style of this record isn’t eclipsing my enjoyment of it. I’m probably just not the intended audience. Features members of The Pope, Bipolar Bear, and ex-Spits.

 –todd (Permanent)

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