So, I read a bio on this band and I’m kind of turned off without actually hearing them. Former members of Lars Frederiksen’s Bastards and Exene Cervenka’s Original Sinners and, if I remember what I read, a member of the Transplants. It doesn’t exactly excite me with my current tastes. But, this band collectively makes music that I actually do like. They play a brand of music that has strong hints of street punk that also has the ambient leaning of death rock. But to add some more descriptions, they also remind me of One Man Army meets more of the melodic Killing Joke stuff. I really like that they are not over-polished like My Chemical Romance, a band with the look but not the sound. This band has the sound but not the look. Looking at the band photos, they could be any generic melodicore band on the Warped Tour. But music is what it’s all about. It’s funny when I’m so ready to dismiss a release before listening: that there are a few bands out of thousands that can make me take notice.

 –don (Hellcat)