MERCHANDISE: (Strange Songs) In the Dark: 12"

Mar 03, 2011

If life has taught me anything at this point, it is that it’s not always a great idea to stick to just one regiment or ideal. Ten years ago, I’m pretty sure that I would steer clear of anything that wasn’t punk, thrash, or grindcore. But, of course, time changes people and eventually my palate was cleansed enough for me to give other sounds a fair chance. Merchandise is definitely not what I would expect from a member of Cult Ritual—a band that very quickly became influential and sought after in the hardcore punk scene. With Merchandise, you’re treated to the influence of acquired tastes such as ‘80s shoegaze and noise pop a la Jesus And Mary Chain or My Bloody Valentine. If you’re a die-hard “give it to me short, fast, and loud” type, then this record isn’t for you. Those of you with a broader scope for great music might end up as pleasantly surprised as I was.

 –Juan Espinosa (Katorga Works / Drugged Conscious)

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