MENTALLY ILL, THE: Gacy’s Place: 7” EP

I’ve waxed poetic about this band before, when Alternative Tentacles released its anthology, of sorts, which also featured the tracks contained herein, but enough praise cannot be heaped on this band’s magnum opus. The lyrics are simple, the playing even simpler, and the guitar sounds like a live wire being zapped through a barely functioning transistor radio speaker, but the delivery is what makes this a classic slab of psychosis-drenched punk from a group that sounds like they’re just this side of fucking losing it altogether and stabbing a few people for shits ‘n’ giggles. The packaging of this repress aims to recreate the original packaging, so you get a nice pic of the titular serial killer posing with former first lady Rosalynn Carter (one that is real, not diced together in some pre-Photoshop attempt at partisan character assassination) on one side of the cover and (most of) the lyrics on the other. If yer some kinda CD snob but can’t afford the silly sums an original copy fetches these days, vital doesn’t come close to describing this.

 –jimmy (Last Laugh)