MENSEN: Delusions of Grandeur: CD

I think “mensen” is the Norwegian word for “girls who rock.” At least it will be. Mensen dish out fast and fun rock’n’roll songs. The singer sounds a bit like Penelope from the Avengers, but the music behind her is trashy and tight, more like the Hives or the Burnouts or a lot of the punk rock coming out of Scandanavia these days. The lyrics are sung in English with a heavy accent and I can understand them about half of the time, but it doesn’t matter. I keep listening to this album and enjoying it. It puts me in a good mood. The only caveat is that they cover a Rolling Stones song, and that’s really, really annoying. Luckily, though, it’s the last song, so you can just stop the album when that song comes on. Other than that, it’s a really good CD.

 –sean (Gearhead)