MENEGUAR: Strangers in Our House: CD

Jan 07, 2008

I used to get Meneguar and Japanther confused, but having finally heard Meneguar, I will definitely remember them now. This second full-length from the New York band is a fun mix of indie rock and power pop. All the music has a real upbeat tone to it; there’s nothing to bring you down or make you feel depressed. Like a solid pop punk album, there’s a good amount of hooks and catchiness, but without a wanky sound (both production-wise and with more backbone to the music) attributed to much of that genre. And if you’re familiar with the kind of material Troubleman has released before, it is a good fit with the rest of the catalog. It’s a serious work, though, and is a solid release. It’s not going to change the face of music, but it’s definitely worth a listen and probably a spot in your collection.

 –kurt (Troubleman Unlimited)