MENACE: Punk Singles Collection: CD

Aug 22, 2006

Some things I learned about Menace by listening to this CD: 1) They actually go back to 1977. Dunno why it never occurred to me that they would have roots that friggin’ deep. In truth, I figured they made the scene around 1979 or so, after Sham made their big splash. 2) According to their website, they actually predate Sham 69. Go fuggin’ figure. I always though it was the other way around, as evidenced by the end of the previous number. 3) Their singles have remained consistently good slices of bootboy punk, from the first to the most recent featured here. All the hits are present, including “GLC,” “Screwed Up,” “Insane Society,” and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that you will find many more tunes you’ve never heard to love over the course of listening to this. One of the best, these guys were, and are due the reverence they receive here.

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)

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